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Yasser works widely as a professional stand-up, sketch comedian, impressionist, actor and comedy writer; his style of comedy is highly surreal, absurdist and anarchic.

He is represented by Mac & Jeal.

Yasser is a graduate of the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS) Writing & Producing Comedy Diploma which is sponsored by Channel Four and taught by legendary producer and writer Bill Dare and he has also graduated with an MA in Screenwriting from the University of London.

Yasser currently writes comedy sketches, monologues, songs and one liners for and performs in three sketch comedy groups: Chaos Theory, Monkey Wedding and The Melon Collective. He also writes as a staff writer for 'The Treason TV Show' - Brighton's long running topical satirical comedy show. The Treason Show was recently nominated for 'Best Sketch Show' in the UK Comedy Awards. And Yasser has recently joined the writing team of BBC Scotland's topical comedy TV show 'Breaking The News.'

Yasser is writing his first solo show - an anarchic, surreal comedy satire theatre show to be performed by him in 2025 under the tutelage of multi-award winning performer Katie Reddin-Clancy.  With his sketch comedy group Chaos Theory Yasser is performing their outrageous 'Lady Chatterley's Liver' show at The Vault Festival 2024, The Brighton Fringe 2024 and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024.

Yasser is also a prolific TV and film screenwriter and playwright, science fiction and fantasy novelist, short story writer, asemic and psychogeographical poet, artist, musician and calligrapher. He is a keen Bollywood dancer and is also a qualified electronic engineer.

Background:  Yasser is a larger than life asian zhemale (allegedly), a genetic experiment gone wrong between a former British Prime Minister, a Victor Kiam Remington electric shaver and combined electro-larynx voice machine and a half-eaten sanitary towel belonging to TV cook Madhur Jaffrey but found in the possession of Robert Mugabe at the high-security Showbusiness Disease Centre in Hastings.  Spending the first fourteen years of his life living in a Cornetto wafer cone, Yasser was raised by The Two Bonnies (Tyler and Langford);  he was taught by Bruce Forsyth, Frederick Forsyth and John Forsyth's wig (Blake Carrington from Dynasty) the arts of creating catchphrases, thriller writing whilst spying for MI6 and acting.  No-one knows why.  He has shifty large eyes and is looked after by several burkha clad animals posing as wives.

He married his first wife once, his second wife twice, and his third wife three times.  Then he spoiled that arithmetic progression, but created a different symmetry.   He went back and married his second wife a third time, and concluded by marrying his fourth wife once.  Following an industrial accident after being a cock double for Liam Neeson for eight years, Yasser is now living as a clockwork gypsy fortune telling machine, pregnant with triplets (one of each) in Edwardian London and living a double life as a cereal killer: 'The Pasteurised Pansy Porridge Pouncer' of Old Laandan Taan performing unnatural acts with unsuspecting crumpets, shredded wheat and hot plates of pie & mash.

Yasser is currently writing a TV soap opera about a rapping Yorkshire community of black & white minstrels called Eminemmmerdale but has to wait for the invention of television in 32 years before it can be broadcast.


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Photograph:  A.P. Wilding ©

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